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Pay attention
Luteniant Dan (left) and Cassie (right) looking at something off in the distance while I ask them to face the camera


    There are several types of stories that one like you might be familiar with. This is not one of those. ..Well, it might be. I honestly don’t know what people read these days. Let’s start with the setting, shall we?

     A well forested area, shallowing out into a good sized village. The name of the village isn’t that important, but if you must know, let’s call it Forestside. Nothing special really happened there on a daily basis, but every place has a little something to make it differ from others. But that’s beside the point. I reside in the forest. The only people that come out here are the woodcutters, merchants, and the occasional poet. However, I live there. In a cave beneath an old oak. If you first approach it, it may look more like a burrow to you, but that’s just the entrance.

    If I did not mention it before, I am a dragon. But not one of those huge, menacing dragons that capture folks to get attention, and ravage the countryside like in most stories. I like to sit down in my cave and make crafts and read books from my archive. My name is Zyke. I am only about seven feet tall, kind of stout actually, and I have reddish-green scales that make an odd color combination with the sudden purple at the end of my tail. I do have wings; massive, bright wings that dwarf me, but luckily they blend in flawlessly with my scales so I keep them folded up all the time.

    The people of the village don’t really bother me. In fact, they welcome me! Every two weeks I visit the market, bringing along the things I have made, such as jewelry, and sell them to the ones who come to my stand. Afterwards, I head over to the library to trade in books that I have read for new ones to take back with me.

    But today was different. When I headed into town, and set up my station, I saw someone new today. Not ‘new’ as in I haven’t seen before, lots of new people pass through town. ‘New’ as in outlandish. He was wearing heavy-looking armor. After strolling about for a bit he headed into a tavern. I proceeded to go on with my business, planning to find him later. I quickly went back to my cave, then returned to town. I started towards the tavern I saw him go into and peered in through the door. He was in there all right, sitting at the bar. I slipped in, moved to the back table, and tried to get a look at him. He was 6ft tall, had black hair. Suddenly, he groggily stood up and waddled out the door. I followed him. He leaned up against a tree, then sat down with a thump. I leaned over him. “Are you feeling alright?” I asked. He looked up. He had a quite dizzy expression on his face. “What? Who are you? Ya look like a hippie. I don’t care for hippies.” “I’m not a hippie sir,” I said politely. “I am a dragon.”

    “HOLY BALLS!” he yelled, making me fall over as he stood up. “IF YOU’RE A DRAGON THEN I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!” And he stood up, drew his dagger (which he apparently had) and started slicing at the air where I had been. He drew another dagger and thrust it at the ground where I had been as I rolled away. I forced myself up and sped off towards the safety of my cave. When I saw the oak, I quite literally dove into my home, into a pile of gold and silver coins that were lying about, and pulled a special cord blocking the entrance with a sheet of tin that was colored to look like slate. Panting like a hound after a marathon, the treasure cooled me down to the point where I could relax and catch my breath.

    Outside I could hear him yelling, “Have at thee!” and other nonsense as he ran about and bumped into all sorts of objects. “Yo what’s up with you? How are you doing?” I jumped in surprise. Behind me was Quartus, a crow that was a friend of sorts… He was the one that supplied me with most of my treasure via stealing from passer-by or plucking shiny things off of garbage heaps.

    “Oh, nothing, aside from the fact that there’s a confused bloke outside trying to kill me for a trophy” I replied sarcastically. It soon grew dark. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of the guy babbling incoherent nonsense outside.

    Quartus thought for a moment. Then he said, “Suppose we were to get rid of him? That would let us sleep.” “Good idea! Let’s send him back to the village and maybe ring him up in an inn. That’ll take care of him,” I replied. So I put on a trench coat, left the cave. And put my glove on his shoulder, saying, “Come on mate, let’s get you to a restful place for the night.”  I led him back Forestside, located the Floppison Inn, and set him up with a room. I came back to the lobby, folded up my coat, and that’s when the innkeeper noticed me and called me over. "Zyke! What's up? It's not like you to be in town this late!" He said as I plopped a bag of gold on the counter. "Oh nothing," I sighed,"Just that there was another adventurer in town today who tried to decapitate me and bring my head back to his hometown as a trophy. The same old stuff. By the way, here's some coins to book him for the night." 

    I walked outside, went home and told Quartus that the deed was done. The next day when I got up, the crow was already gone, probably about his daily business.


    Chapter One, Finished

Comment down below if you want more, which I will probably 
Twist Fate 2016 contest submission (no title)
do anyways

For this one I just took a common idea and switched main character roles


No journal entries yet.


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